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hertfordshire, OO, uk
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Im 49 years old. First bike nsu quickly 2 speed!! This was when i was 9!! and for the fields ,Then a raleigh runabout, which you started by kicking the flywheel with your foot,always started aswell!! Then various mobyletes, an old rap imperial. Then when 16 the thing to have was the fizzy,i had the purple one,filed the exhaust ports out, cut the baffle in half. A claimed 55 flat out on the tank!! At 17 a rd 250 A, on L plates.Then Various other strokers.Never took my test ,15 mins round the block 3 highway code questions should have done it then..Then got into cars ford cortina mk2 hillman hunter etc.Then got in to scooters ,old vespas for a couple of years.Then got married and stayed with cars till 2001, got a little cg for work.. The bikes were always in my blood, so with the new harder test on its way ,that gave me the push to take my test, which i passed in october 2008. Got myself a nice xjr 400 to get some exp on . Then part ex it for the 04 thou. So you can imagine the power increase/skid marks when i first got on it and openned it up!! But i love it , good stable all rounder ,with a mix of retro and modern looks, with all the power i will need.

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